Emergency Management

  • Contact Information

    Mark Young Sr., Director
    JPS Emergency Management
    2601 Ivanhoe Street, Jackson, MS 39213
    (601) 360-2603

    REMS Logo The Office of Campus Enforcement Emergency Management Division serves as an emergency readiness resource for the school district. Its ultimate mission is to prevent or mitigate any disastrous event, whether it is natural or man-made.  When prevention or mitigation is not possible, the department prepares students, parents, faculty, and staff to respond effectively, appropriately, and timely based on training, practical exercises, and best practices.

    This division is responsible for maintaining and updating, annually, the district's school safety plan as approved by the JPS School Board, as well as assisting each school in crafting the schools Crisis Response Plan, and collects and maintains all required Emergency Drill Reports for the District.

    The Director acts as a liaison with other related agencies such as Homeland Security, the Mississippi State Department of Health, and other agencies involved in disaster response.

    A planning committee and advisory committee assisted in a consultative capacity to promote all aspects of emergency management for the district.


Last Modified on October 9, 2023