• Pre-K

    Pre-Kindergarten Program

    Our program is funded through local and state matching funds as part of the Jackson Hinds Pre-K Collaborative. The maximum enrollment is 20 students per class.

    Pre-Kindergarten Locations

    • Casey Elementary
    • Galloway Elementary
    • Hinds County Human Resource Agency
    • Green Elementary
    • Isable Elementary
    • John Hopkins Elementary
    • Johnson Elementary
    • Key Elementary
    • Little Saints
    • Lottie Thornton
    • McLeod Elementary
    • McWillie Elementary
    • North Jackson Elementary
    • Pecan Park Elementary
    • Shirley Elementary
    • Van Winkle Early Childhood Center
    • Walton Elementary


    The Pre-Kindergarten Program shall expose children to a vocabulary-rich, nurturing environment where learning takes place through multiple opportunities and interests. The curriculum provides the framework for students to be taught according to stages of child development and according to each child’s own individual needs. Pre- K is intentional and primary focus is placed on the whole child. Teachers shall be highly knowledgeable about child development and the subjects and standards required to teach pre-kindergarten students.


    The following goals have been established for pre-kindergarten students:

    • Develop rich oral language and a robust vocabulary.
    • Acquire knowledge of skills and concepts taught in each subject area.
    • Develop social skills and emotional control.
    • Transition smoothly through instructional routines of learning through play in centers, small groups, and age-appropriate environments.

Pre-Kindergarten Program


Contact Information

Collaborative Partners

  • Juanita Johnson, M.S. Ed.

    Lottie Thornton
    1400 John R. Lynch Street

    Jackson, MS 39217
    Phone: (601) 979-2396

    Chelsea Luster
    Associate Vice President

    Hinds County Human Resource Agency
    258 Maddox Road

    Jackson, MS 39217
    Phone: (601) 923-3930

    Amy Berry

    Little Saints Academy
    1411 Robinson Street

    Jackson, MS 39203
    Phone: (601) 979-5828

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