• The Academic and Performing Arts Complex (APAC) is open to students who are strong academic achievers and who show an aptitude for one or more of the visual or performing arts. There is an application process held during the fall and winter of each year for entrance into these programs of study for the following school year.


    The academic division is a challenging program of study in language arts, math, science, and social studies that accelerates students in order to prepare them for college coursework (Advanced Placement) in their final years of high school.

    APAC academic courses are offered for grades 4 and 5 at Power APAC Elementary; for grades 6 through 8 at Bailey Middle School; and for grades 9 through 12 at Murrah High School. Transportation is provided to all students admitted to the program.

    Eligibility criteria for program placement:

    • Student must have a score of high Proficient and/or Advanced on state assessments (i.e., MCT2, MST2, SATP).
    • Student must have an 85 end-of-term grade average in each core subject area (i.e., language arts, math, science, and social studies) to be considered for the middle school program.
    • Student must have an 80 end-of-term grade average in at least two, core subject areas to be considered for the high school program.
    • Student must have a passing score on student response exam(s) to be administered in November of each year. All students applying for program placement are required to complete an assessment to be scored by the district’s program assessment review committee.

    Eligibility criteria for continued program participation:

    In order to remain in good academic standing, a student must maintain the same end-of-term grade average required for program eligibility. In addition, students are expected to score proficient or advanced on state assessments. Students who do not maintain good academic standing are placed on academic probation for at least one school term and no more than one, full academic year. Failure to make academic progress during the probationary period will result in removal from the program and loss of school transfer, if applicable. Exception: Students participating in the performing / visual arts program are expected to maintain grades of an 80 or above in both their arts and core academic courses.

    Participation in the academic division demands a commitment to a sustained, rigorous curriculum that pays off in high achievement. Students are expected to complete daily homework, long-term projects, regular writing assignments, and extensive reading assignments during the summer and throughout the school year. In grades 10-12, APAC classes become Advanced Placement (AP), college courses for which the student may earn college credit. Students who earn three or more qualified scores on AP exams are designated as AP Scholars. Over the past eight years, 119 seniors have been named AP Scholars.

    Graduates who, during their senior year, satisfactorily meet the criteria for APAC in either the Academic or the Visual and Performing Arts divisions are designated as APAC Graduates with a special insignia on their Murrah graduation stoles.

    Visual and Performing Arts

    The APAC visual and performing arts division is a pre-professional arts program based on a rigorous written, sequential curriculum taught by artist-teachers. Artistically, our objective is to prepare students for the next level in the arts whether university, apprenticeship, or professional experience. Supported on the foundation of the National Standards for the Arts and the Mississippi Visual and Performing Arts Framework, our intent is to develop artistic talent over the course of our nine-year program so that 12th-grade students are prepared to audition successfully at the college level in the area of their chosen arts discipline.

    The visual and performing arts division offers comprehensive classes that include the performance and academic elements of dance (ballet, modern and jazz), music (piano, instrumental and vocal music), theatre arts (performance and technical) and visual arts (drawing, design, ceramics, sculpture, painting, printmaking and photography). Advanced Placement courses are offered in music and visual arts.

    Students must make application and audition for entry into the program. These courses are offered for grades 4 through 12 at the Power APAC site.

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