Vision, Mission, Core Values

  • Vision

    At Jackson Public Schools, we prepare scholars to achieve globally, to contribute locally, and to be fulfilled individually.


    At Jackson Public Schools, we develop scholars through world-class learning experiences to attain an exceptional knowledge base, critical and relevant skill sets, and the necessary dispositions for great success.


    Core Values

    At Jackson Public Schools, we believe in the importance of equity, excellence, growth mindset, relationships, relevance, and a positive and respectful culture.


     Jps Core Values


    Our vision of equity, put simply, is "all means all." We ensure equity by celebrating each scholar's individuality, interests, abilities and talents; providing each scholar in each school with equitable access to high-quality instruction, courses, and resources; and holding high expectations for all scholars to graduate college-ready and career-minded. Similarly, we recognize and value the individual abilities, experiences and talents of our staff; providing all staff with equitable access to opportunities for development and growth; and ensuring that such opportunities are provided through clear and transparent processes.


    High expectations for our scholars help to prepare them for college and career paths. High expectations from and for all adults foster ownership, consistency, and transparency. Every member of our district performs with an attention to detail and the quality that each task demands in order to achieve great outcomes.

    Growth Mindset

    Our leaders—scholars and staff—thrive in environments where belief in their abilities is affirmed. Everyone in the organization embraces the ideal that effort and perseverance lead to success.


    It is essential to develop relationships through mutual respect of culture, social context, and community. This allows us to create a community of safety, trust, productive vulnerability, and genuine connection as we celebrate successes and value opportunities for constructive feedback.


    Scholars experience relevant education that is engaging, motivating, and inspiring, leading to a lifelong commitment to learning. Our scholars must learn to connect with each other, the larger community, and the 21st-century world, ultimately developing agency to contribute to positive change in Jackson, in Mississippi, and in the world.

    Positive & Respectful Culture

    Scholars and staff thrive in learning environments where growth and achievement are the highest priorities and climates are safe, positive, and respectful. These environments engage and excite all scholars, leaving them hungry for more knowledge. All adults contribute to a positive and respectful culture allowing them to experience more productivity, increased retention, and joy at work.

Last Modified on August 24, 2022