• Ram City Vision

    We prepare scholars to achieve globally, to contribute locally, and to be fulfilled individually in a safe and orderly learning environment.

    At Provine, we provide students with a safe and productive learning environment that fosters oral and written communication skills, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, challenging coursework and high expectations, and student accountability for academic and developmental progress, thereby producing high school graduates who are well-prepared for the demands of the 21st century and a community of lifelong learners who will make valuable contributions to society.


    Ram City Goals

    1. Improve Academic performance and achievement for all students.
    2. Improve state accreditation standing.
    3. Ensure a safe school: protect the health and safety of all students.
    4. Increase average daily attendance; decrease truancy.
    5. Attract and retain high-quality teachers and administrators.
    6. Improve parental and community involvement at all levels in the school system.