• The Academies of Jackson is a community-supported plan that aligns local and state initiatives to provide every student with the foundation of knowledge, skills and character necessary to excel in higher education, work and life.  Jackson Public Schools (JPS) began district-wide, high school efforts to provide innovative options for students to prepare them to make critical post-secondary decisions about their career paths and for the world of work.  The Academies of Jackson is the primary initiative to achieve the Jackson Public School District’s vision and mission for students to graduate both college and career ready.

  • Within The Academies, all students take required core academic subjects, electives, and specialized courses in their career area to provide academic Rigor that prepares students for college. Academy teachers incorporate real-world examples from their career area into all academic and specialized courses to create Relevance for students. Students move through their academy with classmates who share their interests and a common team of teachers, which builds stronger Relationships that promote a sense of belonging. Local business and community partnerships provide students with interactions that ensure student Readiness for post-secondary education and career options. In summary, The Academies of Jackson will offer students:

Rigor Relevance Relationships Readines
  • The Academies will also feature an academy of choice specific to that school. This academy can be either academic or career themed. Within each Academy, however, all students will take required core area subjects including Math, English, Social Studies and Science, as well as electives and specialized courses in their selected academic or career-themed academy.

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Last Modified on April 17, 2018