Safety Recognition

  • Workplace Safety Awards

    1st Quarter 2019-2020 Recipients

    The employees at each school listed below performed their jobs safely during the first quarter of 2019–2020. Each school principal will be presented a Certificate of Safety for their leadership regarding workplace safety. These certificates are posted at each location to celebrate schools for being excellent safety leaders for the quarter.

    Let's also congratulate Dawson Elementary School for being the model school for workplace safety. A special celebration was held during the upcoming year for their excellence in workplace safety.

    • Baker Elementary
    • Barack Obama IB Elementary
    • Barr
    • Dawson Elementary
    • Johnson Elementary
    • Lake Elementary
    • Johnson Elementary
    • North Jackson Elementary 
    • Pecan Park Elementary
    • Raines Elementary
    • Van Winkle Elementary
    • Walton Elementary
    • Watkins Elementary
    • Bailey Apac Middle
    • Blackburn Middle
    • Brinkley Middle
    • Cardozo Middle
    • Kirksey Middle
    • Northwest Jackson IB Middle
    • Callaway High
    • Forest Hill High
    • Jim Hill High
    • Michelle Obama Earl College High 
    • Career Development Center
    • Capital City Alternative School
    • Environmental Learning Center
    • Hinds County Youth Court
    • Reap 
Last Modified on February 26, 2021