EEF Procurement Card Information

  • EEF Cardholders may receive a procurement card to provide access to the Education Enhancement Funds as authorized by Mississippi Code §376133(3)(iii) that will be utilized to make financial commitments on behalf of the State and Jackson Public Schools. The Cardholder agrees to accept the responsibility for the protection and proper use of the EEF Procurement Card in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Teacher Cardholder Agreement in effect.

    EEF Cardholders, please see your Lead Administrator/ Building Principal to sign your Teacher Agreement and sign for your card.

    1. The EEF Procurement Card will have an initial amount available, and that amount will decrease as purchases are made. 

    1. If you don’t think that you should receive a card and received one, contact Paxton Green at (601) 960-8809 ext. 2376.

    1. EEF Cardholders are responsible for keeping receipts for five years along with lesson plans that are related to EEF purchases. 

    1. EEF Purchases should be for instructional purposes in the classroom for scholars. 

    1. All equipment purchased with the EEF Card shall become property of Jackson Public Schools and the JPS Donation to Department/School Form must be completed. A copy of the donation form must be returned to the Budget Office immediately following the purchase. 

    1. The Budget Office strongly encourages EEF Cardholders to pay close attention to the guidelines on the Teacher Agreement and EEF Procurement Card FAQs.  

    1. EEF Cardholders state-wide will be audited and are responsible for paying back funds after auditing has been completed by the State Department of Education. 

    1. If an EEF Cardholder resigns from JPS, please make certain to return your card to your Lead Administrator/Building Principal immediately.

Last Modified on October 6, 2023