Budget Office

  • Mission 

    To serve as the centralized budgeting component for Jackson Public Schools, through the appropriation of essential funding to schools and departments for the district’s priority in educating Scholars. As we are successful in fulfilling these responsibilities, we support the mission of JPS to develop scholars through world-class learning experiences to attain an exceptional knowledgebase and the necessary dispositions for great success. 


    The Budget Office will establish and coordinate a cooperative partnership with the budget holders, schools, departments and senior leadership team.  This partnership will assist in providing our JPS Community with our shared commitments to our scholars regardless of their background, ability, or zip code for a high-quality education.  


    Excellence for All:  Strategic Plan 

    Commitment #5 A culture of Accountability and Excellence 


    Essential Functions and Activities 


    • Maintain fiscal responsibility from the central office to the schools and departments in our district. 

    • The budgeting process is a year-round process that involves many stakeholders. 

    • Major budget activities which include planning, preparation, adoption, approval, implementation, review and assessment 

    • Budgeting is an invaluable tool for both planning and evaluation. School Districts are required to budget by operational unit (school location code). 

    • Training/Communication from central office to schools and departments 

    • The Education Enhancement Fund Procurement Card Program is appropriated for classroom supplies, materials and equipment for EEF Cardholders to support the overall goals of the school. 

    • The Budget Office will exemplify equity and excellence while building relationships with all clients we encounter through JPS.  

Contact Information

  • 662 South President Street
    Jackson, MS 39201

    Contact the Budget Office

    Paxton Green, Sr.
    Budget Coordinator
    (601) 960-8809 ext. 2376

    Stephanie Madison
    Budget Analyst
    (601) 960-8786 ext. 2369

    Mary McGrew
    Budget Analyst, II (part-time)
    (601) 960-8535 ext. 2384 

Last Modified on October 6, 2023