Powell Middle School Creed




    Powell Middle School is a community of stakeholders who work collaboratively to achieve the vision, mission and goals of our school and school district. We are committed to the success of every scholar and are guided by the following beliefs:



    We believe that our district…

    • is a World Class educational system that nurtures and supports its scholars, parents, employees and community stakeholders.
    • provides the necessary training and resources that will ensure a quality education for every scholar.


    We believe that our teachers…

    • are highly qualified, data-driven professionals who continuously seek opportunities to learn and grow.
    • create positive learning environments that promote academic, social, and emotional success.
    • care about all scholars and are committed to the success of each one.


    We believe that our scholars…

    • have the ability to learn and excel academically.
    • demonstrate confidence, adaptability, self-control, pride, strength and resilience.
    • are disciplined, self-motivated, courageous and respectful.
    • are creative, talented, athletic and exhibit good citizenship.


    We believe that our parents…

    • are the foundation of our educational village and want the best for their children.
    • are supportive, highly engaged and connected with the school.


    We believe that our community…

    • partners with the school and school district to provide resources and support.
    • invests in the educational development of our scholars and the fulfillment of the community as a whole.


    Our beliefs compel us to work diligently with our stakeholders to increase academic achievement and improve cultural diversity and awareness.  As a result, every scholar who attends Powell Middle School will be prepared for high school and beyond.