School District Locator (Interactive Map)

  • The Jackson Public School District Locator (JPSDL) provides basic information about Jackson Public Schools locations in map format. It also provides school district information in text format, map download and navigation capability.

  • The School District Locator map has the following features:

    • School type and location
    • Ability to zoom to or identify an individual school
    • Contact information of individual school
    • Mobile friendly with Google navigation
Map Key

  • This map was produced by the Web Office, Office of Public Engagement . It is for informational purposes only--it has not been prepared for, nor is it suitable for, legal or engineering purposes. Positions shown are based on information available at the time the map data was last updated. They are approximations, and are not the product of an on-the-ground survey.  

Last Modified on January 19, 2023