Multi-Tiered System of Supports

  • Multi-Tiered System of Supports is the integration of RTI for academics and behavior into a unified model that recognizes the reciprocal influence academic performance and social/emotional/behavior have on each other. The MTSS incorporates many of the same components of RTI (MDE, Office of Elementary Education).   

    Response to Intervention (RTI²) is emerging nationally as an effective strategy to support every student.  The district uses the term Response to Instruction and Intervention (RTI²) to describe a general education approach of high-quality instruction, early intervention, prevention, and behavioral strategies. The Teacher Support Team process has been a vital component of the student success initiative in Jackson Public Schools since 1998. The Teacher Support Team is a school-based team of education professionals who support the classroom teacher’s efforts to assist struggling learners. The goal of the TST initiative is to provide students who are at risk for school failure with the necessary academic and behavioral supports to succeed in school. The typical Teacher Support Team includes an administrator, a school counselor, several regular education teachers, and one or more site-based specialists. Other professionals in the building or district are invited to participate as needed. Parents of referred students are always invited and encouraged to take part in the collaborative planning process. Referrals to the Teacher Support Team may be made by parents, teachers, or other school personnel.

    The Teacher Support Team process seeks student success in the regular classroom whenever possible. All team members provide input into determining the student’s instructional needs and developing interventions to address those needs. The team subsequently reviews the student’s progress and makes adjustments to the plan. If TST implements 12 weeks of intensive, research-based interventions and the student does not make the desired progress, TST should refer the student to the District Teacher Support Team for further consideration. The District Team may suggest other interventions or may recommend that the student be assessed for a possible educational disability under IDEA.

    Important Note: In 2003, the MS State Dept of Education mandated Teacher Support Teams for all Mississippi schools and established guidelines for required reviews of certain categories of students.



Last Modified on August 1, 2016