• What is the JPS Identity Automation Portal?

    The JPS Identity Automation portal allows the District to create and manage employee accounts, provides single sign-on (SSO) capabilities for core District applications such as email, while at the same time providing a portal for employees to securely connect to educational and professional applications.

    The JPS portal is a "one-stop-shop" where employees can manage their passwords and their multifactor authentication (MFA) applications.

    As the portal matures over time, many of the District's current applications will be folded into the portal.

    Beginning March 10, 2022, all new employees will create their own accounts using this portal.  The process is automatic for all employees. 

    Employees will be able to claim their account 24 hours after the basic demographic information is entered in Marathon and their status is Active.

    Steps Required to Claim an Account and Setup MFA

    Step One: Claim an Account

    • Go to https://jpsd.us001-rapididentity.com/
    • Click Claim My Account, Employee Claim Policy
    • Enter your information and complete the required form.
    • Create a new JPS password. There are new rules for passwords, so please read carefully.
    • Select three (3) Challenge Questions from the options presented.  Be VERY CAREFUL TO REMEMBER YOUR ANSWERS! You will need them to log in to the portal the first time!
    • Close the browser.

    Step Two: Set-up MFA

    • Open a new browser session and go to https://jpsd.us001-rapididentity.com/
    • Enter your username and click Go or press enter.  You will receive an error the first time as you have not set up your personal MFA.
    • Click on Select a Different MFA Option.
    • Enter your new password.
    • Answer the Challenge Questions and click Go or press Enter.
    • After you are logged into the portal, you can add a cell phone number to use an SMS text message, you can print a QR code, set up an authenticator app like Authy, or stick with the Challenge Questions.

    Resetting Your Password

    • Open a new browser session on any internet-accessible computer and go to https://jpsd.us001-rapididentity.com/.
    • Click on Need Help.
    • Click on Forgot My Password.
    • Enter your username.
    • You will be prompted to answer your personally selected challenge questions.
    • Answer the questions. Be sure to click on the eye to make sure your answers are entered correctly. Please contact the JPS helpdesk at 601.973.8601 if you forgot the answers to your challenge questions!
    • Enter your new password twice and click Next and your password is reset.
    • Close the browser and restart your computer to make sure all of your new passwords and logins are synced properly.
Last Modified on July 19, 2022