Jackson Public Schools Gifted Program Purpose, Philosophy, and Vision of Gifted

  • Purpose

    Education is not the learning of the facts, but the training of the mind to think. — Albert Einstein 

    The purpose of the Open Doors – Gifted Education Program is to identify and serve such students in a uniquely qualitatively differentiated program not available in the regular classroom. Gifted education programs shall be in addition to and different from the regular program of instruction provided by the district’s schools.


    The philosophy of the Open Doors – Gifted Education Program is that effective instruction of intellectually gifted students takes place in environments that—

    Permit and encourage gifted students to develop their potential through interaction with intellectual peers; 
    Encourages and nurtures inquiry, flexibility, decision making, thinking skills, self-evaluation, and divergent thinking; 
    Honors students’ unique learning styles, talents, and differences; and 
    Provides appropriate modifications and accommodations in learning environments for individualized learning.


    The vision of the Open Doors – Gifted Education Program is to be a top-ranked teaching and learning community that develops and cultivates students’ intellectual abilities and fosters their social and emotional development to meet students’ unique needs. Mission The mission of the Open Doors – Gifted Education Program is to develop, enhance, and maximize the development of intellectually gifted learners by providing unique educational experiences which allow them to succeed in a global learning environment.