• Athletic Director: Jonas James

    Department Overview

    • Athletic Philosophy

      The philosophy of Jackson Public Schools (JPS) Athletic Programs is based upon the development of the scholar-athlete from the inside out.  JPS Athletic Programs seek to transform lives by altering hearts not behavior.  JPS Athletic Programs strive to teach scholar-athletes to become self-directed, self-disciplined, self-monitored and self-corrective while operating in a team-first environment.

      Core Traits of JPS Athletic Programs

      Staff & Player Development – We believe in the continuous education of all JPS coaches and scholar-athletes.  We seek to prepare customized training sessions for coaches and scholar-athletes that are relevant to the development of each individual coach and scholar-athlete.

      District Unity - JPS athletic programs seek to establish the concept of “family” among schools.  We believe that healthy rivalries make us all better.  We will not speak negatively about our sister schools and will quickly admonish anyone who does. 

      Graduate and Win - We believe that scholar-athletes that participate in JPS athletic programs will be equipped with an excellent start to becoming successful in their personal lives after their playing days are over.  If scholar-athletes are successful academically, they will also be successful on the track, field and court.

      Excellence Without Excuse – We rally around doing more with less.  We don’t believe in making excuses, we “find a way”.  Athletic programs will not improve or develop without strong leadership and a relentless work ethic.

      Community Service - We believe in sharing the gifts and abilities that we have been blessed with and helping those that are less fortunate than we are.  We believe in teaching service in every phase of our athletic programs. 

      Mission Statement

      To develop coaches and scholar-athletes through world-class learning experiences, to attain an exceptional knowledge base, critical and relevant skill sets, and the necessary dispositions for great success.

      Vision Statement

      At Jackson Public Schools we prepare scholar-athletes to achieve globally, to contribute locally, and to be fulfilled individually. 


Home on the 2020-21 State 4A Champs
Last Modified on June 10, 2023