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    Jackson Public Schools seeks to provide a platform for our students to share their stories, concerns, and views. That's the primary reason we established the JPS Student Voices Instagram Page. JPS Student Voices focuses on matters of concern and importance to our scholars while still promoting District-related events, programs, and announcements.

    As with any District activity, participation as a JPS Student Voices team member or guest contributor to this platform is subject to the expectations of the Student Handbook & Code of Conduct and the District's Acceptable Use and Internet Safety Policy.


    Join the JPS Student Voices Instagram Team!


    Available positions:

    • Content Creators
    • Social Media Managers


    Student Requirements:

    JPS scholars must be a junior or senior with a grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 or higher. Scholars should also have the ability to travel to district-related events if needed. An interest in pursuing a career in communications after high school is strongly encouraged!


    How to Receive a Shoutout from @JPSStudentVoices

    Share a unique event or experience in your life as a JPS stakeholder (student, parent, community member) for a chance to be featured on the JPS Student Voices Instagram page. Here’s how:

    1. Follow @JPSStudentVoices on Instagram
    2. Direct message your content, school, and graduation year (if applicable)
    3. Or… simply tag us in your JPS-related post!

    Here are a few content themes, but don't feel limited to these:

    • Unique learning opportunities: dual enrollment, early college, global citizenship, an internship, etc.
    • An outstanding achievement: scholarship, championship victory, or award
    • Shout out someone in your school or JPS community doing something good
    • Give your peers a pep talk! Encourage them to persevere, do their best, or soldier on in the face of difficulty
    • Are you a poet, presenter, musician, painter? Showcase your hobby, special skill, or interests


    Suggested Hashtags

    • #wearejps (official JPS hashtag)
    • #jpsproud (JPS alumni)
    • #TeamJPS (staff and/or employees)
    • #getcaughtreading (Reading and Books)
    • #returntolearn (Return to Learn or Virtual Learning)


    Submission Guidelines


    Do's & Don'ts


    Post Submission

    Instagram was created for photo and video sharing. Each post must include at least a high-quality photo or a video. Shorter post captions, with 150 characters or fewer, are optimum for IG audience engagement.

    Email your questions to Carolyne Cole, communications specialist, JPS Public Engagement.

Last Modified on July 22, 2022