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    Our Values

    Here are the values our employees hold. Do these describe you?



    Our vision of equity, put simply, is "all means all."

    You celebrate each scholar's individuality, interests, abilities and talents; provide each scholar in each school with equitable access to high-quality instruction, courses, and resources; and hold high expectations for all scholars to graduate college-ready and career-minded.



    You have high expectations for our scholars, helping to prepare them for college and career paths.

    You perform with an attention to detail and the quality that each task demands in order to achieve great outcomes.


    Growth Mindset

    You embrace the ideal that effort and perseverance lead to success, and thrive in environments where belief in your and your students’ abilities are affirmed.



    You develop relationships through mutual respect of culture, social context, and community.



    You are dedicated to providing scholars a relevant education that is engaging, motivating, and inspiring.

    You instill in scholars a lifelong commitment to learning, and to contributing to positive change in Jackson, in Mississippi, and in the world.


    Positive and Respectful Culture

    You create and maintain safe, positive, and respectful learning environments where growth and achievement are the highest priorities.

    You contribute to a positive and respectful culture allowing you and your colleagues to experience more productivity and joy at work.


    Which profile describes you?

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Last Modified on October 14, 2021