Top Reasons Teachers Are Choosing JPS

Impact on Student’s Lives


    We need you in order to continue making great gains for our students! Our educators change the trajectory of student lives.

    61% of JPS teachers became a teacher to have a positive impact on students, and a further 15% became a teacher primarily to make a difference in their community or the world.

    This impact is articulated in the Profile of a JPS Graduate, which outlines our vision for how teacher impact will grow our future leaders—in Jackson, Mississippi, and beyond.

    Finally, Excellence for All, the JPS Strategic Plan 2019-2024, outlines several commitments, including innovative teaching and learning and a culture of accountability and excellence, which will ensure sustained positive impact on students’ lives.


    What our teachers are saying:

    “The reward of seeing my students after they graduate and to hear what they are doing. Yes, I am happy when they tell me that they are now lawyers or doctors; however, the greatest joy is just to see that they are happy, healthy, and productive.”

    “To be an example for the young black males that have to endure the same socioeconomic disparities that I faced growing up in Jackson.”

    “My biggest bright spot as a teacher in JPS was having the highest data in the district in 2018 and 2019 on the US History State Exam.”

    “I became a teacher to love, impact, encourage, motivate, and educate our future leaders of America.”

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Last Modified on November 5, 2021