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    New Teacher Induction Program

    Jackson Public Schools is committed to supporting new teachers by developing and implementing ongoing systems to increase professional knowledge and confidence in rigorous instructional practice.

    Program Goals:

    • Provide a system of professional support to effectively acculturate new teachers to the school/district community
    • Accelerate teaching performance in order to incorporate problem solving skills and classroom management strategies to support scholar achievement
    • Assist new teachers with acquiring and implementing a variety of instructional strategies that are designed to meet the needs of all scholars
    • Provide a district assigned, school based mentor to support the transition of new teachers, to improve their practice, learn professional responsibilities, and positively impact scholar achievement

    More information can be found here:

    Google Sites - JPS New Teacher Induction Program

    Student Teacher Internship Program

    JPS recognizes that our primary responsibility is to provide an exceptional knowledge base to our scholars.

    Providing learning opportunities to interns and student teachers will not only ensure they are better qualified to enter the educational workforce upon graduation, but they may also be encouraged to seek employment with the school district upon successful completion of the field experience. 

    To learn more, click here visit our student teaching page.

    Professional Development

    Professional development serves as a bridge that connects where prospective and experienced educators are now, and where they will need to be to meet the challenges of guiding all students in achieving higher standards of learning and development.

    To learn more, visit our Teaching & Learning Department page. 

    What does our instructional coaching look like?

    Instructional coaches provide teachers with ongoing, job-embedded professional development that addresses their needs and is aligned to state standards, curricula, and assessments. 

    The overall goal is to improve student achievement by building teacher capacity and bringing evidence-based practices into the classroom.

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Last Modified on November 5, 2021