• 1. What is the current proposal for Wells APAC and the purpose for it?

    Wells APAC will maintain its designation as the Academic and Performing Arts Center. Academic instruction will continue for fourth- and fifth-grade scholars, while visual and performing arts will continue for fourth- through 12th-grade scholars.

    2. How will students benefit?

    As a result of the current APAC proposal, middle grades scholars will receive an increase of up to 50 minutes, and elementary scholars will receive an increase of up to 75 minutes in the arts.

    3. Will the District continue to provide transportation to APAC students?

    Transportation will continue to be provided by the district.

    4. Will the application process change? If so, how?

    The application process for admission for the 2021-2022 school year will not change. However, a steering committee including all stakeholders will be established to collaborate on plans to refine and grow APAC programming for the 2022-2023 school year.

    5. How will staffing be impacted at Wells APAC under the proposal?

    There is minimal impact to staffing under the proposal.

    6. How will the administration be impacted?

    The administration at the elementary level will not be impacted. Administration at the middle level will be adjusted to suit the student populations coexisting at Northwest Middle School.

    7. What will happen to classified employees if positions are not available? 

    Currently, classified staff have been placed in vacant positions where available.

    8. What arts programs will be eliminated?

    No arts programs will be eliminated.

    9. If approved by the Board, when will these changes occur?

    These changes will occur beginning July 1, 2021.

Last Modified on March 26, 2021