Bailey APAC Temporary Closure FAQs

  • 1. What is the current student population at Bailey Middle School?


    2. What is the projected student population at Northwest Middle School after consolidation with Bailey Middle School?


    3. How will athletics be impacted at Bailey?

    Each school will maintain their sports teams and cheer squads.

    4. How will staffing be impacted at Bailey and Northwest?

    The appropriate level of staffing will be added to Northwest in order to accommodate the relocation of the APAC students from Bailey.

    5. How will the administration be impacted at Bailey and Northwest?

    There will be one principal who will lead both programs and an additional AP will be added to the administration team.

    6. What will happen to classified employees if positions are not available?

    They will have an opportunity to apply for any vacancies that might exist within the District.

    7. How will the selection of coaches work between the consolidated middle schools

    This is not a traditional consolidation but rather a co-location of two schools. Therefore, both schools will maintain their current coaches for athletics.

    8. Will the student-teacher ratio increase at Northwest after the consolidation?

    No, the student teacher ratio should not be affected.

    9. When will the renovation of Bailey be completed for students and staff to return to the school?

    Our goal is to be complete by December 2023 so that scholars can return for the second semester of the 2023-2024 School Year.  All of this is dependent on the Regulations concerning use of the ESSER III funding.

    10. How will the bond money allocated for Bailey be impacted by this decision?

    The bond dollars allocated for Bailey will remain at the school to cover projects currently in planning. However, the structural improvements needed at Bailey exceed what has been allocated in bond funds.

    11. What is the current physical condition of the Northwest school building?

    The Northwest Middle School facility is in good condition. The bond scope of work scheduled for summer 2021 includes carpet removal and replacement with tile flooring and HVAC upgrades. (Refer to the Bond Fact Sheet for the description of proposed projects at Northwest.)

Last Modified on March 25, 2021