Employee COVID-19 Accommodations

  • Jackson Public Schools' response to the COVID-19 pandemic is designed to sustain our important mission of education while maintaining the health and safety of our faculty, students, and staff.

    As you may know, paid leave under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, which is known as FFCRA, is a temporary rule which requires that certain employers provide up to 80 hours of paid sick leave to employees who need to take leave from work for certain specified reasons related to COVID-19. Please note that this act expires on December 31, 2020.

    After FFCRA expires, the employee can utilize the Family Medical Leave or FMLA. Please note that your accumulated sick time will be used.

    First, faculty or staff who have a disability and are in need of an accommodation to make work possible may complete the Americans with Disabilities Act Accommodation Request Form. You’ll need to provide your demographic information and medical support documentation. You should also detail what kind of accommodation you are seeking.

    Second, faculty whose health condition falls within one of the CDC high-risk categories for COVID-19 may request a workplace accommodation through the reasonable accommodation process by utilizing the ADA Accommodation Request Form that’s located on the Intranet under forms and documents. Please note that the accommodation granted for the Spring semester by the district may look totally different from the accommodations granted for the Fall semester. All applications will be reviewed and assessed based on ADA guidelines, compelling personal need, job role and eligibility, and district staffing needs.

    You’ll need to provide a new Medical Information Request form indicating the need for an accommodation and completed by your medical provider. All applications received prior to December 9th will be reviewed by the Accommodations Review Committee, with a decision provided prior to the winter break.

    The final category is teachers or school support staff members who preference work from home to teach virtually and are NOT disabled AND NOT meeting one of the CDC high-risk categories. Again, complete the ADA Accommodation Request Form and indicate your virtual teaching preference. These applications will be reviewed by the academic leadership team in partnership with your school principal and based on the staffing needs within your school’s division.

    At Jackson Public Schools, the health and wellness of our faculty, staff, and students is our top priority. If you have any questions about the content described in this video, please call Human Resources at (601) 960-8745.

Last Modified on November 23, 2020