Virtual Learning Expectations

  • Students who continue instruction through Virtual Learning in the spring will engage with teachers through their Learning Management System. Scholars will log in via Clever and participate in class activities through the platform's online class module. Whether they are learning in a classroom at school or online, scholars must observe classroom expectations so that everyone can follow the teacher and grow academically. For online learners, these expectations are outlined below.

    Online Learning Expectations
    JPS Online Learning Expectations (PDF)

    1. Be On Time: Wake up early and log on a few minutes before class.
    2. Be In A Quite Place: Find a quiet, well-lit place to work. Organize your materials and prepare to learn.
    3. Be Prepared: Charge your computer and check its audio and video settings. It's a good idea to use headphones if you have them in case other online learners, like siblings, are also trying to participate in their classes at the same time.
    4. Dress for Success: Wear appropriate clothing for class. Get up and get dressed as if you are going to school. Sit up straight during class and remain in view of the camera.
    5. Mute Your Screen: Mute your computer when your teacher or another student is talking.
    6. Participate: Be focused and attentive. Actively participate in class activities and follow along.
    7. Chat Responsibly: Raise your hand to speak. Type your questions in the chatbox.
    8. Communicate Effectively: Speak clearly and speak up. Look up when you speak so that you can be heard and understood. Keep your questions and discussions on the topic.
    9. Be Respectful: Respect everyone. Be kind and considerate of others, including your teacher and your classmates.


Virtual Learning Success

Last Modified on December 9, 2020