Registration Requirements

  • New Student Documentation—Parents of new students must provide the following original documents when enrolling students for school:

    • Certified copy of the student’s long form birth certificate.
    • State of Mississippi Certificate of Immunization Compliance (Form 121) or Certificate of Medical Exemption (Form 122).
    • Report card from student’s previous school.
    • Transcripts for students entering 10th–12th grades.
    • Two Proofs of Residency documents.

    Proof of Residency—Parents or legal guardians may be asked to provide two proofs of residency to enroll students. The items must be in the name of the parent or legal guardian. See Proofs of Residency below.

    Uniforms—JPS students in pre-K through eighth grade are required to wear uniforms. See the Mandatory Uniforms page for details.

    School Age—Kindergartners must be five years old on or before September 1. First graders must be six years old on or before September 1.

    Immunization—Students must meet all Mississippi Department of Health requirements. Visit the Mississippi Department of Health's Immunization Requirements page.

    General Information

    In order to start the registration process, both new and returning students must be issued a Snapcode by the school to gain access to our registration site. Parents must make an initial visit to the school in their attendance zone to begin the online registration process. The adult completing registration must present a current and valid state-issued photo identification to the school in order to register any student.

    Follow the appropriate steps in Section I of the JPS Student Registration Procedures (PDF) to obtain a Snapcode and begin the registration process. This document includes enrollment procedures for the following student groups:

    • New students
    • Returning students
    • Pre-Kindergarten students
    • Pre-School Exceptional Education students
    • Advance Academic students

    Proofs of Residency

    The parent/guardian of a student seeking to enroll in a school shall provide the school district with at least two proofs of residency. The documents must be in the name of the adult enrolling the student. Examples of acceptable documents are included below. Only one document from each group will be accepted. See Section II of the JPS Student Registration Procedures (PDF) for details.

    • Group 1 – Acceptable documents include mortgage documents or property deed; Apartment or home lease; Filed homestead exemption application form
    • Group 2 – Acceptable documents include utility bills and cable bills dated within the last month (30 days) or utility deposit receipt or cable bill connection receipt. Cell phone bills cannot be accepted.
    • Group 3 – Acceptable documents include automobile registration or automobile insurance; driver’s license; voter registration card; IRS documents from the most recent tax year, etc.

    For more help getting started with registration, contact the Office of Enrollment Services at (601) 960-8852.

    In-District Transfer Requests

    In-District transfer requests will not be reviewed for approval until after September 7, 2018. Students must report to their zone school until a decision has been reached.

    District-to-District Transfer Requests

    Submit your request for District-to-District transfers using the JPS District-to-District Transfer Request Form. Specific procedures for this process are included in the JPS Pupil Registration Procedures.

    More Information

    The JPS Pupil Registration procedures include information about sections covering Guardianship (Section III), Homeless Children (Section IV), and Transfer Requests (Section V).

Last Modified on June 26, 2018