Virtual Learning Applications

  • Check Grades & Student Records


    ActiveParent is a web-based application that parents can use to keep track of students' records. JPS parents with more than one student can access records for all of them with one account. From one platform, families can check students' attendance, behavior, and course performance. ActiveParent provides student information as soon as it is entered into SAM (Student Administration Manager).

    Learn more about ActiveParent.

    Learning Management Systems

    Students will utilize Learning Management Systems to access materials and instructional activities to engage in high-quality teaching and learning. Elementary scholars will use Google Classroom, and secondary scholars will use Canvas. Scholars will be able to easily log in to either platform using their student email accounts through Clever, our single sign-on learning application. Learn more below.

    Clever Clever

    Clever is an easy way for your scholar to sign-on to all of the programs used by his or her teacher and the district. This eliminates scholars having to remember multiple usernames and passwords.

    Learn more about Clever on JPS EdTech Go (Operated by JPS Instructional Technology).

    Log in to Clever.

    Google Classroom Google Classroom – Elementary

    Google Classroom is a streamlined, user-friendly utility that helps teachers manage coursework. With Google Classroom, teachers can create and manage classes, give assignments, grade work, push out content to students, and engage students in discussions. Students can use the platform to track their classwork and turn in assignments, as well as interact with the teacher and the class. Google Classroom also provides email notification to parents with a summary of student work. Furthermore, parents can review announcements and activities for their child's class.

    Learn more about Google Classroom on JPS EdTech Go.

    Canvas Canvas – Secondary

    The Canvas platform streamlines the digital tools and content popular with teachers and students for a simplified, more connected learning experience. Teachers will use the platform to deliver content instantly, allow students to personalize their experience, facilitate a multimedia learning environment. Through a single sign-on, students will have access to a variety of online resources in an organized learning space. It enables student collaboration and student-teacher communications. Like, Google Classroom, the parent portal in the Canvas portal allows parents to share their student's view and understand expectations, see grades or missing assignments, and receive notifications that help them to hold their children accountable in their learning process.

    Learn more about Canvas on JPS EdTech Go. 

Last Modified on August 19, 2020