Compliance & Monitoring

  • The Elementary and Secondary Act of 1965, as amended by the Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015 requires State Educational Agencies (SEAs) to monitor the implementation of program requirements and the expenditure of federal funds.

    Monitoring is conducted in school districts to ensure compliance with regulations as well as to assure that the quality of the program is of high regard. School districts are responsible for creating and maintaining programs that meet minimum fiscal and programmatic requirements. 

    In the Jackson Public School District, Compliance Managers monitor the implementation of program requirements.  Monitoring emphasizes accountability on the implementation of the School Plan and the use of resources and is conducted to ensure that all Federal Consolidated Programs are implemented according to federal requirements.

    Additionally, Compliance Managers provide guidance and technical assistance to schools regarding compliance issues prior to formal monitoring visits. They conduct or direct periodic on-site audits to ensure continuing compliance in reference to Title I equipment and seek to maintain proactive planning for schools and staff regarding compliance issues.

Last Modified on May 14, 2020