Optimzing for Equity Infographic

  • Jackson Public Schools 3-Year Plan to Redesign Schools to Support Excellence for All

    Optimizing for Equity Infographic
    Optimizing for Equity Plan Infographic (PDF)

    School Redesign Launch (Year Zero)

    Following an enrollment study and the launch of the 5-year strategic plan, the JPS Administration will launch a set of school redesign options for consideration and approval by the JPS Board of Trustees.

    Redesign Priorities (Year One)


    • Al & A2: Pre-kindergarten Expansion at VanWinkle, McWillie
    • A3: Closure of Barr Elementary

    Middle School:

    • Bl: Consolidate Hardy & Blackburn Middle Schools.
    • B2: Consolidate Siwell & Cardozo Middle.

    District Redesign:

    • Cl: Community panel of Lanier feeder residents and alumni offer recommendations for a transformation plan.
    • C2: REAP relocates to new school facility; Renovations begin at Rowan for Office of Teaching & Learning.

    World Class Teaching & Learning (Year Two)

    Following the completion of renovations to Rowan Middle School, the Office of Teaching & Learning will relocate to its new home, which will be equipped to house district-wide and regional professional development trainings.

    Extending the Legacy (Year Three)

    In Year Three, Lanier High School's transformation plan will be implemented.

    The REAP program will be expanded to better serve overage students within the District.


Last Modified on December 10, 2019