• Uniforms 

    All students are requried to wear unfiroms to CCAS. 

  • The following list only serves as a short guide. Parents & students will be provided a comprehensive uniform guide during orientation. 



    1. All students must wear solid white polo style or golf style shirts, ( shirts must have collars with two or three buttons).
    2. Shirts must be tucked in where the belt can be seen at all times
    3. No logos, patches, or insignia of any size are allowed.
    4. Shirt must be appropriately sized for the student. NO OVER SIZED shirts are allowed.
    5. If under shirts are worn they must be solid white.


    1. Khaki pants or skirts, (No denim material or Shorts).
    2. Pants must be appropriately sized.
    3. Pants cannot be worn sagging nor have excessive length cuffs that bag at the ankle (No Sagging, Elastic band , Hip-hugger, low-rise, skinny leg, capris, crops or mid-waist are allowed).
    4. Skirts must be at least knee length. 
    5. The pants and skirts must be plain. No pants with large multiple pockets are allowed.
    6. NO Cargo-pants- No designs, different colors, logos, patches, or insignia of any size are allowed.


    1. Socks must be worn at all times. 
    2. Socks must rise above the ankle. NO FOOTIE SOCKS ARE ALLOWED. 
    3. Only plain black or white socks will be permitted.  Black and white cannot be mixed. 
    4. White socks with white shoes, black socks with black shoes are the only combinations allowed.


    1. Only SOLID black or white gym shoes are allowed. 
    2. Shoelaces cannot be mixed.  White shoe laces with white shoes and black shoe laces with black shoes.  Shoes must be laced and tied at all times.  No ornamental or decorative lacing is allowed.
    3. Students may wear shoes with Velcro closings, but they must be closed at all times. ALL STRAPS MUST BE STRAPPED OR REMOVED.

    Uniform Assistance is available for those who qualify & when clothing available 



Last Modified on August 26, 2019