Our mission is to strive to reach the fullness of our students’ potential and provide them with a quality formal education for lifelong learning by enhancing their intellectual, physical, and social needs.



    Our vision is that all students will meet or exceed state standards, possess reading, writing, and math skills at or above grade level, and show respect for themselves and others.


    Our Beliefs 

    • Student learning is our chief priority because all students can learn and be successful.
    • Students are valued as individuals and their diverse backgrounds are respected.
    • Students should be expected to reach their full potential as they are given a variety of opportunities for success.
    • Assessment of student learning should provide students with multiple opportunities to demonstrate their achievement.
    • A quality education for our students should be a shared responsibility between teachers, administrators, parents, students, and the community.
    • The school should be a facility that adapts to change in order to provide information and knowledge needed for students to become confident lifelong learners.