On April 28, 2019, the ladies of the Forest Hill High School royal court hosted a self-help seminar for girls and their mothers.



    Ms. Erica Gladney of Dallas Texas; FHHS Alumna and the event planner 

    Ms. Gladney, the owner, and operator of Bella Beauty LLC planned a memorable and fulfilling event. The young ladies were immersed in activities to learn to develop self-esteem, to practice good hygiene, and use useful tips for grooming and appearance. They were taught respectfulness, conflict resolution, and good leadership and citizenship and how to become successful. These meetings brought together exposed young people to local experts and health professionals as well as career professionals. The young ladies were captivated by the speaker of the day as she told about her abuse growing up, as she attended Forest Hill High School, from her father.



    Carlotta Taylor- Franks
    Author – No More Flinching

    The ladies wore white and high tea was served; it was delicious. The event was empowering and affirming, and the young ladies found a safe place to express themselves. The mothers did, as well.



Last Modified on August 13, 2019