Profile of a JPS Graduate

  • Graduates in cap and gown JPS aspires that each graduate will embody many of the qualities and achieve several of the accomplishments described below. These qualities and accomplishments fall under three competencies—Communication & Critical Thinking, Collaboration & Citizenship, and Content Mastery & Digital Literacy—that reflect the fast-changing world in which JPS graduates will become productive citizens and compassionate leaders.

    Content Mastery & Digital Literacy

    JPS graduates always operate with a growth mindset and exhibit excellence in all they do. Thus, they seek out and successfully complete individually challenging coursework, proficiently utilizing technology and media to do so. Content Mastery & Digital Literacy may be evidenced by:

    • Successful completion of rigorous coursework (AP, IB, and higher level mathematics/science courses)
    • Performance in academic competitions and extra-curricular activities (science fairs, debate, etc.)
    • Ability to draw from various content areas to establish and defend a coherent point of view

    Communication & Critical Thinking

    JPS graduates connect to one another, to Jackson, and to the world in relevant ways and are active agents in creating and maintaining a positive and respectful culture. Thus, they are active readers by choice, write effectively in multiple genres, communicate clearly, and solve problems. Communication & Critical Thinking are evidenced by:

    • Successful oral presentation based on independent research or analysis
    • Working proficiency in second language as evidenced by course credit, college credit, or AP score of 3 or higher, or completion of IB curriculum
    • Successful completion of a substantial analytical research paper

    Collaboration & Citizenship

    JPS graduates nurture positive relationships and strive for equity. Thus, they are team players who embrace diverse ideas, accept feedback as opportunities for growth, and advocate for the betterment of the larger community. Collaboration & Citizenship are evidenced by:

    • Voter registration and working understanding of local, state, national and international political issues
    • Active membership in a civic club, faith community, or service group
    • Successful completion of a significant community service project
Last Modified on July 18, 2019