Commitment #5: A Culture of Accountability and Excellence

  • Teacher lesson with two students A culture of accountability and excellence must permeate the entire district in order for us to achieve the goals outlined in this strategic plan. In addition, each individual faculty and staff member must hold her or himself to the highest possible standards and support our Mission, Vision, Core Values, and Commitments. Thoughtful planning, deliberate and consistent use of systems and data analysis, and a deep commitment to professional learning will enable us to build—and sustain—a districtwide culture of accountability and excellence.

    Commitment in Action

    We commit to the following key initiatives:

    • Developing a district performance-based management system for all team members based on measurable goals in the Strategic Plan
    • Developing structures and processes to consistently celebrate high-performing team members
    • Establishing structures for high-functioning leadership teams throughout the organization
    • Developing transparent practices to provide equitable access to district resources across all schools
    • Developing operational structures and processes that are more efficient and responsive to the needs of scholars, family members, and schools
    • Developing conditions that will invite and cultivate innovative practices

    Implementation Plan

    Some of the initiatives will take more planning and time to implement than others. The table below outlines the estimated action plan for implementation of Commitment #5.

    Commitment #5: A Culture of Accountability and Excellence






    Performance-based management system for teachers, principals,
    and Central Office leaders
    P P I I R
    Consistent celebration of high-performing teachers, leaders, and
    members of the operations team
    P I R R R
    High-functioning leadership teams I I I I R
    Provide equitable access to resources P I I R R
    Improve operational responsiveness to scholars and their families I I I R R
    Invite and cultivate innovative practices P I I I R

    Key: Planning=P | Initial Implementation=I | Continuous Refinement=R

Last Modified on July 19, 2019