Commitment #2: Innovative Teaching and Learning

  • Boys at STEM camp Scholars will achieve at high levels when teaching and learning are built around their individual strengths, needs, cultures, interests, and dreams. It is critical that each adult in Jackson Public Schools recognizes each scholar as an individual and ensures equitable learning opportunities that facilitate the development of skills, knowledge, confidence, and voice.

    In order to graduate global citizens prepared to solve the problems of tomorrow, we must embrace schooling that is radically different from current and past practices. Innovation will be encouraged in classrooms, schools, out-of-school times, and across the district, as space is created for new ideas and ways of "doing school." Through the strategic initiatives outlined below, we will encourage teaching and learning that is relevant and personalized to scholars' interests, responsive to their identities, and reflective of the types of critical thinking and collaborative problem-solving required by tomorrow's world.

    Commitment in Action

    We commit to the following key initiatives:

    • Implementing consistent, coherent, and focused curricula across all content areas
    • Providing robust elective offerings (World Language, Arts, Advanced Placement, Early College Experience, Dual Enrollment, Career-Technical Education) for each scholar beginning as early as middle school
    • Developing school and course pathways in response to the evolving workplace (e.g., Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics)
    • Ensuring that all scholars have access to powerful and engaging out-of-school time experiences
    • Ensuring a culturally and socially relevant approach to instruction
    • Developing effective intervention models to support struggling scholars
    • Implementing a balanced assessment system

    Implementation Plan

    Some of the initiatives will take more planning and time to implement than others. The table below outlines the estimated action plan for implementation of Commitment #2.

    Commitment #2: Innovative Teaching and Learning






    Implementing coherent and focused curricula I I I I R
    Robust elective offerings beginning in middle school P P I I R
    Clear school and course career-related pathways P I I R R
    Engaging out-of-school time experiences P I I R R
    Culturally and socially relevant approaches to instruction P I I R R
    Effective intervention models to support struggling scholars I I I R R
    Balanced assessment system I I I R R
    Certified teacher in every classroom P P I I R

    Key: Planning=P | Initial Implementation=I | Continuous Refinement=R

Last Modified on July 19, 2019