Commitment #1: A Strong Start

  • Girl smiling Scholars perform better in school and complete more years of education when they engage in high-quality early learning. Providing comprehensive access to high-quality pre-kindergarten opportunities exposes young scholars to positive learning experiences that will prepare them to develop the skills needed for success in school and life. Through the strategic initiatives outlined below, we will ensure that every 4-year-old in Jackson has access to high-quality, full-day early learning opportunities, supporting our vision of every child entering kindergarten ready to experience school success.

    Commitment in Action

    We commit to the following key initiatives:

    • Developing a robust early literacy campaign
    • Expanding the number of pre-kindergarten (4-year-old) seats
    • Developing a plan for collaboration, partnership, and alignment with existing Head Start, daycare, and early childcare centers in Jackson
    • Developing a Parent Academy that supports a strong start for young scholars
    • Implementing a high-quality and developmentally appropriate pre-kindergarten curriculum

    Implementation Plan

    Some of the initiatives will take more planning and time to implement than others. The table below outlines the estimated action plan for implementation of Commitment #1.

    Commitment #1: A Strong Start






    Develop a robust early literacy campaign P P I R R
    Expand the number of available pre-kindergarten seats I I I R R
    Partner with existing Head Start, daycare, and early childhood centers in Jackson I I R R R
    Develop a Parent Academy P I R R R
    Implement high-quality, developmentally appropriate curriculum I I R R R

    Key: Planning=P | Initial Implementation=I | Continuous Refinement=R

Last Modified on July 19, 2019