Department Overview

  • J The Jackson Public Schools Child Nutrition program is administered through the United States Department of Agriculture, the Mississippi Department of Education and the local School Board. Comprehensive regulations must be followed in order for the school district to be eligible for federal funding. JPS receives millions of dollars each year to operate its food service program. It is our goal to serve well-balanced, nutritious meals to all scholars, faculty, and employees.

     Child Nutrition Facts

    • Food Service employs over 390 employees throughout the school district including on-site managers at each school, a director, and three area supervisors.
    • There is on-site food preparation at the vast majority of our facilities. Barr, Obama Magnet, Capital City Alternative, and Power APAC are provided satellite service from other schools.
    • Every JPS cafeteria uses a computerized point-of-service system to send daily data to the Finance Office.
    • A Food Service Warehouse supports the schools' daily food production.
    • A state competitive food sales rule ensures that children are not in the position of having to decide between non-nutritious and nutritious foods before or during the meal service period.
    • As a means of reducing plate waste, the "offer vs. serve" feature is employed to allow students to choose less than all of the food items in the meal pattern.
    • JPS schools follow the USDA comprehensive meal pattern for breakfast, lunch, and snacks, in order to be eligible for federal reimbursement.
    • All school menus are created centrally and analyzed to make sure they meet dietary guidelines — especially the reduction of fat content.

Contact Information

  • 101 Dr. Dennis Holloway Drive
    Jackson, MS 39203
    Phone: (601) 960-8911
    Fax: (601) 960-8837

    Contact Child Nutrition

    Marc Rowe, Executive Director

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