Timberlawn Elementary


  • Timberlawn Elementary is one of 33 elementary schools in the Jackson Public School District. It serves scholars in grades pre-K-5. The school was built in 1969 and was once considered a part of the county school system. Timberlawn Elementary is located in South Jackson, Mississippi at the city limit line. The school is located in a rural area of Hinds County. There are a limited number of area churches, banks, and businesses located within the community.


    The mission of Timberlawn Elementary School is to teach and learn with purpose, passion, and perseverance. We will achieve our mission by working together to ensure that every Timberlawn Bulldog excels academically, socially and emotionally.

    School Vision

    Ensure every Timberlawn Bulldog excels academically, socially, and emotionally.

    Student Expectations

    B - Be Prepared

    A - Act Responsibly

    R - Respect Others

    K - Keep Safe

    Engaged Learners 

    • Demonstrate self-directed learning skills such as time management, and personal responsibility
    • Develop an understanding of their own preferred learning styles to enhance students' overall academic potential
    • Incorporate effective and relevant internet and multimedia resources in the learning process to broaden students' knowledge base 
    • Develop lifelong learning skills

    Critical Thinkers

    • Effectively analyze and articulate sound opinions/judgments on a variety of complex concepts 
    • Illustrate a variety of problem-solving strategies that strengthen college preparation and workforce readiness

    Effective Communicators

    • Express concepts and ideas in a variety  of forms
    • Enhance communication skills through the use of media-rich or other technology resources

    Global Citizens 

    • Appreciate the value of diversity
    • Demonstrate awareness of the importance of cultural sensitivity and social responsibility in the 21st century.