• On Feb 4th, Dr. Bradley had a vision to invite the elementary feeder pattern school to Lanier High School to show them the” Lanier Way” in honor of Dr. Seuss.

    On March 3rd, the Lanier High School Student Government Association, under the leadership of Mrs. Miketa Davis- Smith, brought Dr. Bradley vision alive.

    The feeder pattern elementary schools (Dawson, Smith, Johnson, Galloway, and Walton) arrived at Lanier High School and they were entertained through music by the Lanier High School band, drill team, cheer team, and flag team. They were engaged with literary story time, arts and crafts, and an obstacle course. Before departing back to their home school, the students received treats (cake, cupcakes, Dr. Seuss Jello, and Dr. Seuss trail mix.)  Each student also received a book mark and pencil.

    We thoroughly enjoyed this activity and will make it a yearly event.