• Counselor's Creed

    The Counselor's Commitment

    I am a counselor.

    I am committed to faith in human worth, dignity, and potential.

    I pledge use of the knowledge and skills which are mine to promote the betterment of my client, whose uniqueness I will respect, and of my society, which is enhanced by those whom I serve.

    I shall adhere to and be governed by the code of ethics of my profession, and shall conduct myself so that the vocation will be exalted by my behavior in its name. I accept the challenge of autonomous and competent practice.

    This is my solemn affirmation to my client, to this profession, to our society, and to all humanity.


    The mission of the School Counseling Program is to assist students in overcoming barriers that impede learning. The goal of the guidance counselor is to implement a standards-based comprehensive school counseling program that:

    • Includes a curriculum addressing the needs of all students in the domains of academic, personal/social, and career development
    • Provides specialized interventions based on identified student needs
    • Assists students in acquiring appropriate attitudes, knowledge, and  communication skills to promote healthy relationships
    • Enhances the ability of students to identify and utilize the appropriate resources needed for post-secondary success
    • Creates positive relationships with students, fostering personal growth, service to others and academic achievement
    • Advocates for all students encourage them to develop to their fullest potential.
    • Encourages counselors to consult and collaborate with other educators, parents, and the community on behalf of all students


    Classroom Guidance
    Academic Achievement
    Career Exploration
    Personal/Social Growth

    Student Advisement

    All students receive consultation regarding graduation requirements and post-secondary planning

    Parent Consultation

    The counselor is available by appointment to assist parents with concerns regarding their child(ren).

    Responsive Services

    The counselor will respond to the needs of students, staff, and the community in times of crisis.

    Group Counseling

    Counselors receive referrals from parents, teachers, and administrators. These groups may include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Peer Relations
    • Changing Families
    • Social Skills
    • Anger Management
    • Self-Esteem
    • Study/Organization Skills

    Individual Counseling

    Personal, social and academic counseling are available during the school day. It should be noted that individual counseling is not therapeutic in nature, as it is beyond the role of the school counselor to conduct in-depth, on-going individual sessions. Sessions are kept confidential except when students disclose that they are being hurt, are hurting someone else, or want to hurt themselves.

    Why do students go see the counselor?

    About important things to them

    To other students' ideas and experiences

    Strategies for life skills

    Career options

    For future success