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Elementary Schedule 2021/2022

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    Time Activity/Class
    7:30-8 a.m. Breakfast and Prepare for Learning/Attendance
    8-9 a.m. Learning-at-Home with English/Language Arts
    9-10 a.m. Learning-at-Home with Math
    10-11 a.m. Lunch/Grab-and-Go
    11 a.m.-12 p.m. Learning-at-Home with Science
    12-1 p.m. Learning-at-Home with Social Studies
    1-1:30 p.m. Learning-at-Home with Freckle (printed material or a virtual/multimedia field trip/activity)
    1:30-2 p.m. Learning-at-Home with Accelerated Reader
    2-2:30 p.m. Learning-at-Home with Staying Active
    2:30-3 p.m. Independent Study Time or Break Time


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