• Administration 

    Dr. Addison-Ross, Principal

    Mr. Dwayne Harris, Assistant Principal 

    Mr. C. Bynum, Lead Teacher 

    Student Support Services 

    Mrs. E. Griffin, Guidance Counselor 

    Mrs. A. Avant, Social Worker 

    Ms. A. Dew, Lead Exceptional Education Teacher 

    Dr. F. Pellerin, Physiologist 

    Ms. D. Poe, PBIS Coordinator 

    Elementary and Middle School Division 

    Mr. M. Sanders, 4-6 Grade Teacher      

    Mrs. K. Thomas, 4-6 Grade Teacher

    Mr. L. Morris, 7th grade Teacher      

    Mrs. T. Nash, 7th grade Teacher        

    Mr. A. Wolfe, 7th grade Teacher 

    Ms. M. Hutton, 8th grade Teacher      

    Ms. G. Mills, 8th grade Teacher        

    Ms. J. Smith, 8th grade Teacher

    High School Division 

    Ms. B. Cunningham- World History, US History, US Government & Economics Teacher

    Mrs. Q. Dennis- Biology I, Chemistry, Biology II, & Botany Teacher

    Mrs. K. Graves- English II, English III, English IV Teacher

    Coach Ingram- Physical Education Teacher 4-12 

    Mrs. K. Johnson- Introduction to Biology & Physical Science Teacher

    Mr. W. Lewis- English I Teacher & Credit Recovery Coordinator 

    Mr. J. Osborne- Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry & Calculus Teacher    

    Ms. D. Tate- MS Studies, World Geography, & Advanced World Geography Teacher

    Exceptional Education Division 

    Mr. A. Wolfe 

    Mrs. D. Husbands, Teacher

    Mrs. D. Jones, Inclusion Teacher

    Supportive Staff 

    Mrs. L. Horhn, Librarian 

    Mr. R. Williams, ISS Teacher

    Academy of Math & Reading Instructor 

    Office Staff 

    Mrs. J. Smith, Office Manger 

    Ms. S. McKinnon, Attendance Clerk 

    Safety Officers 

    Officer W. Rice- Leader Safety Officer 

    Officer B. Staffney

    Officer D. Stamps 

    Officer J. Strong

    School Maintenance 

    Ms. S. Terry

    Mr. R. Roberts 

    Mr. S. Williams 

    Food Service  

    Cafeteria Manger

    Ms. K. Robinson






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