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Contact Information

101 Near Street • Jackson, MS 39203
Phone: (601) 960-8919 • Fax: (601) 973-8546
Carolyn Holmes, Interim Executive Director
Mary Howard, Administrative Secretary

Transportation North: (601) 987-3587
Transportation South: (601) 960-5404
Vehicle Maintenance: (601) 987-3604

The primary goal of the JPS Transportation Department is to transport students safely to and from school each day.

The Transportation department is committed to maintaining a safe environment for all students while riding school buses and ensures that the highest standards are adhered to by those who utilize JPS student transportation services.

Our Transportation department is the largest department of its type in the state of Mississippi. This department has frequently received commendations from the Mississippi Department of Education and has been cited as an exemplary school district Transportation department at annual Pupil Transportation conferences.

Jackson Public Schools' Transportation department employs approximately 350 employees, who serve as administrators, drivers, and mechanics.

The department has a total of 346 buses, and transports over 23,000 students each day. Approximately 1,863,290 miles are traveled each school year. Our drivers are the most highly trained drivers in the state. We are fortunate to have an in-house, third party Commercial Driver's License (CDL) tester.

JPS is one of the few districts in the state that uses a computerized routing system — VersaTrans.

Listed are programs we implement in our daily routine.

  • Boundary Planning–Updating and maintaining information relating to boundaries and the city map.
  • Routing System–Managing over 300 routes for the school district. Each year the department sends bus cards to parents/guardians with students' bus information.
  • Fleet Maintenance–Managing the entire district’s fleet to ensure safety as well as economic efficiency.
  • Field Trip Management–Managing field trip requests for the district.

Bus routes consist of double, triple, and quadruple runs.

We take pride in our safety record and putting Kids First!