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Teacher Employment Process

Apply For a Job Online!

Step 1  

You MUST complete the online application form before being recommended for employment. Click on the Apply Now! link above.

   Office of Human Resources
   Jackson Public School District
   P.O. Box 2338
   Jackson, MS 39225-2338

Step 2

To be recommended for employment by a hiring officer you must have a completed application and three (3) letters of reference, and a copy of your valid Mississippi Educator License must be on file. 

NOTE: You may scan these documents into your online application; however, the originals will be required to have a complete application if hired.

Step 3

Applicants will be asked to complete their file by providing permission for a background check, verification of previous employment, theft of property statement, and a writing sample. After the file is complete, applicants are eligible for recommendation for employment. Eligibility for hire is not a guarantee of hire.

Verification of Previous Employment Form

Please download and send to all of your past school districts for verification.

Step 4

When a vacancy occurs in a school, the building principal will review the files of applicants eligible for employment. He/she may interview and formally recommend an applicant for employment. The superintendent of schools and the Board of Trustees must approve all recommendations for employment prior to the issuance of a contract.

Step 5

Before a contract is issued candidates must have the following documents on file:

  • Completed federal tax forms (W4)
  • Completed state tax forms (62-420)
  • Completed state retirement forms
  • Completed insurance forms
  • Employment Eligibility Verification (Form I-9)
  • Child abuse registry check form
  • Permission for Background Check form
  • Signed Employee Policy Form

Download Employment Forms (PDF)

Step 6

The new hire will take two copies of the letter of employment to the security department to have their fingerprints taken. Continued employment of the new hire is subject to a favorable background check. A fee of $32.00 is required to defray the cost of the background check and fingerprinting. Please bring a MONEY ORDER addressed to Jackson Public Schools for $32.00 to the Office of Human Resources.