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Base Pair
Base Pair students with Dr. Rob Rockhold
UMC Base Pair Program

JPS is a partner with the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMC) in the Base Pair research mentorship program funded by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. The primary focus for Base Pair is to utilize the physical resources and intellectual capital of UMC to enable the pursuit of excellence in science education within a local public school enviornment. The program matches high school students with UMC faculty members for in-depth experiences in the sciences.

Base Pair has consistently emphasized three objectives:

  • To cultivate career awareness among high school students in areas related to biomedical research;
  • To train such students as effective "communicators of science" to the general public; and
  • To advance teacher professional and science curriculum development within the JPSD.

That program, funded since 1992 has brought approximately $1.3 million for science education enhancement into the district.

Base Pair-trained high school students are authors on more than five dozen published scientific papers or abstracts.

Twenty-five Base Pair graduates are currently in post-baccalaureate academic programs, including 12 in M.D., M.D./Ph.D. (science) or Masters degree in science training. Six of these are currently enrolled in a program at the University of Mississippi Medical Center.


The Student Oriented Academic Research (SOAR) program is a companion to the Base Pair program at Murrah High School.

SOAR was developed to implement advanced science research activities for JPS students outside of the UMC zone. In this program, students are enrolled in Biology II during their junior year and other advanced life science courses during their senior year. the SOAR program supports advanced biomedical and forensic science laboratory research by students at each high school state.

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