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JPS School Attendance Counselors

Contact Information

JPS Attendance Office
1224 Eminence Row
Jackson, MS 39213

Calvin Day, 601-973-8660
Ida Clincy, 601-960-2602
Cecil Wright, 601-973-8661

JPS School Attendance Counselors are available to:

  • answer questions concerning Mississippi's Compulsory School Attendance Law;
  • assist parent's, school and community in assuring regular school attendance for all school age children; 
  • investigate non-attendance and unlawful absences;
  • counsel children and parents concerning school attendance;
  • provide certificates of enrollment for home instructions;
  • speak to community groups and civic organizations;
  • speak to schools and individual classrooms;
  • coordinate with other community agencies; and
  • help provide alternative programs to at-risk students.

If you are a parent or guardian of a child and need help enrolling them in school, need to report a child not attending school, or want to help improve school attendance in your community, contact JPS School Attendance Counselors at (601) 973-8660.

Compulsory School Attendance Law

Mississippi law requires regular school attendance for every child who has reached the age of six (6) on or before September 1 of the current calendar year and has not reached the age of seventeen (17) on or before September
1 of the current calendar year. Parents are held accountable for their child's school attendance.

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